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  • Zarea Architecture Inc.
    Zarea Architecture Inc.

    Zarea Architecture Inc. is an award wining, full service Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Construction Management firm based in Houston, Texas. Zarea Architecture draws upon it’s founding principals and associate employees depth of expertise in all facets of the profession of architecture. We are well equipped to handle design challenges from very basic renovations to complex new high-rise construction projects. Our team uses the latest tools and technology to efficiently and cost-effectively tailor our design to each project.
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    Houston, Texas

  • NKB Design
    NKB Design

    NKB Design and Management LLC is comprised of a team of professionals with education and experience in interior design, construction project management, drafting and sustainable design. Some of the software they use to achieve their client’s project vision includes AutoCAD 2011, Google Sketchup and Adobe Photoshop. Their primary goal is to keep their clients at ease knowing their projects are well taken care of by professionals who have their best interests at heart. Their focus is to keep their clients satisfied by providing a project on time and on budget.
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    Arlington, Virginia

  • Liska Architects
    Liska Architects

    Liska Architects works with residential and commercial clients locally and internationally for both new construction and renovation projects by helping to define their needs and translate their vision into a tangible aesthetic. They assist in the process of assessing building sites and properties to determine the feasibility of meeting the client’s goals.
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    Chicago, Illnois

  • Direct Documents
    Direct Documents

    Direct Documents is a document retrieval service. They specialize in retrieving documents, such as accident, theft, vandalism, and fire reports. They also obtain medical reports from hospitals and clinics. There goal is to get those documents in the hands of there customers as quickly as possible. They know that “time is money,” and strive to provide there customers with what they need fast! They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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    Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Your Soul Navigator
    Your Soul Navigator

    Rebecca is a leading trans-formative expert in the field of Holistic Professional Coaching. She is committed at a deep and compassionate level to facilitate lasting change for her clients by getting to the root cause of things. Rebecca is a multiple top sales winner and a successful business owner. She is also an active member of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy.
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    Hunt Valley, Maryland